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Digital Media Planning and Strategy

A goal without a plan is just a wish.― ANTOINE de SAINT-EXUPÉRY – Philosopher
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From ideas and concepts through to delivery and support,
Phil Evans Digital Media Consultants can help smooth the path.

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Initial discovery process

We’ll talk through all your ideas and every aspect of what you are looking to achieve with all key stakholders to build up a thorough picture of your requirements goals and ambitions.

Once we have a thorough understanding of your digital goals, only then will we prepare documentation outlining the most suitable, cost effective and scalable solutions for your business or organisation, thereby getting the best value for money and ensuring that your project can be delivered on time and on budget.

Focus on the ideas

All that may sound obvious, but quite often we see people get carried away with technology and then it becomes easy to lose sight of objectives.

Every stage of our development process is driven by your audience or customer needs and your requirements through to delivery and beyond. We always remain focussed on those key drivers, so ensuring that your ideas have been fully formed is key to the success of any digital project, regardless of scale.


Documentation, prototypes and specifications

So your ideas are fully formed and requirements are all documented, what now?

We can prepare a complete set of documentation that will become your “bible” for development of your carefully crafted ideas. This would include:

  • Detailed functional specification
  • Interactive wireframe or prototype
  • Detailed technical specification
  • Hosting environment diagrams and descriptions
  • RFPs

Timelines, deliverables and project milestones

Good project management is vital to ensuring that projects are delivered on time and on budget.

We will assist in setting realistic delivery dates and milestones for each stage of the project. We can provide a dedicated project manager and PM tools, who, in addition to managing the build and change requests, will also liaise with all stakeholders throughout the lifetime of the project.


Hardware/Hosting & Platform

The amount of different platforms, technology stacks and hosting options available can be daunting.

Our experienced team can advise on the most suitable, reliable and cost effective solution for your project.

We don’t believe in technology for technology’s sake. Whether it’s a small, “shop front” website or a full blown, industrial strength application designed for a global audience, we will look for the solution that is right for you and that will grow as you grow.

We are platform agnostic and believe in using the right tools for the job.


Testing Plan

Amazingly we regularly see projects that either have completely ignored testing or leave it almost as an afterthought just prior to launch.

Throughout the lifetime of the project we recommend continually testing each element as it is released as well as final beta and user testing. This process includes:

  • Unit testing (testing each module of the application as it is completed)
  • Cross browser and cross device testing
  • Load testing
  • UX (User experience testing)
  • UAT (user acceptance testing)

Throughout the testing process, bugs and issues will be tracked, fixed and re-tested.


Technical & customer support plan

Beyond the above, support for both you, your users and customers is crucial.

Working together with you and you key stakeholders we can prepare a detailed plan for ongoing support post launch.

In addition to supporting the application on a technical level, we can also provide upgrade and update support, new application version releases as well as providing advice on how best to support your users and customers, whether that is outsourced or in-house.


Preparing your digital marketing plan.

SEO, SEM, PPC, Social Marketing, Email Marketing?

We can help cut through smoke and mirrors, and deliver a plan that fits the bill.

We work with some of the best of breed digital marketing people in the country. Between them, us and your key stakeholders we can provide a bespoke digital marketing plan and implement the facets that are essential to delivering your project to the wideest possible audience.

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"As well as building solid live video and VOD applications, in his capacity as Technical Director at Streamworks, Phil brought a much needed degree of structure to our development processes"

Rob Peacock, CTO – Streamworks.

"Phil Evans has been providing outstanding digital media and IT support for my charitable organisation for several years now. He has built three web sites for me always with inventive and creative ideas and brings along large amounts of patience and good humour!. Give it Away’s current site evolved at his instigation and is lively, up to date and reflects what we do. The fact that he does this work pro bono is an enormous help to us and greatly appreciated."

Charlotte Grobien - Give It Away

"Phil’s team worked tirelessly to deliver some great applications and live video streaming services for several live events"

Tony Jones - VP, Global Online Publishing - National Geographic Channels International

"Phil Evans and his team consistently delivered quality development services and assistance, and always on time and on budget."

Mark Imrie – COO SAB Holdings

"Phil Evans team has provided invaluable technical advice and support across several projects for us, including Invest Thames Gateway’s digital properties and strategy"

Gareth John Consulting & Managing Director Invest Thames Gateway