Video On Demand & Live Video Streaming - Phil Evans - Digital Media Consultancy
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Video On Demand & Live Video Streaming

Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.― Sir Arthur C. Clarke
Tablet PC with Film strip and Ballon as concept of streaming 3d

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With all due deference to Sir Arthur, it’s not magic, or witchcraft and we never portray it as such.

We have been streaming live and on demand video since the late 90s.

We’ve come a long way from the jittery, postage stamp sized videos of those days to the HD (and now 4K) streaming that has become the norm and the standard.

We have built video applications and provided video streaming services for many very familiar brands over the last 15+ years, including Northern & Shell (owners of entertainment and new brands like OK Magazine and The Daily Express), Nat Geo TV and more recently in my capacity as Technical Director for Streamworks, AP, Reuters and Russia Today’s news agency, Ruptly.

We can advise on the the entire streaming chain from encoding of on demand content, to production and signal acquistion for live content, live encoding, distribution, delivery to multiple devices, analytics and monetisation.

Whether you’re looking to deliver on demand video content, stream a sporting, music, corporate, educational event to an audience of any size, to anywhere in the world, we can get your content there.

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"As well as building solid live video and VOD applications, in his capacity as Technical Director at Streamworks, Phil brought a much needed degree of structure to our development processes"

Rob Peacock, CTO – Streamworks.

"Phil Evans has been providing outstanding digital media and IT support for my charitable organisation for several years now. He has built three web sites for me always with inventive and creative ideas and brings along large amounts of patience and good humour!. Give it Away’s current site evolved at his instigation and is lively, up to date and reflects what we do. The fact that he does this work pro bono is an enormous help to us and greatly appreciated."

Charlotte Grobien - Give It Away

"Phil’s team worked tirelessly to deliver some great applications and live video streaming services for several live events"

Tony Jones - VP, Global Online Publishing - National Geographic Channels International

"Phil Evans and his team consistently delivered quality development services and assistance, and always on time and on budget."

Mark Imrie – COO SAB Holdings

"Phil Evans team has provided invaluable technical advice and support across several projects for us, including Invest Thames Gateway’s digital properties and strategy"

Gareth John Consulting & Managing Director Invest Thames Gateway